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  1. oxladed

    Helix crashes PC

    As an update, I didn’t really get anywhere with the support ticket but I tried yet another USB socket and that one seemed to work. The update crashed the PC which then meant the Helix was in an error state (not the one as described in the instructions) but I managed to reinstall the firmware using the separate update software and downloading the firmware file separately instead of using HX Edit. Thanks to everyone again for your help.
  2. oxladed

    Helix crashes PC

    Thanks for the advice. Really appreciated. I'll follow-up if there is anything that can be fixed so knowledge can be shared. :-)
  3. oxladed

    Helix crashes PC

    Thanks all for the really quick responses. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Line 6 software (version 3.15 - thanks for confirming that this should work with the older 2.30 version of Helix), updated the BIOS (always a bit of a "fingers crossed" moment :-) ), firmware, all MB drivers I can find and plugged the unit in to a USB socked coming straight off of the motherboard (I was previously using a hub) but I'm still getting exactly the same issue. My usual thinking for BSODs is that they tend to come from video drivers but they are up to date so I'm at a complete loss here. I'll keep exploring but any other suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  4. oxladed

    Helix crashes PC

    Hi all, I've just become the proud new owner of a brand new Helix and I was hoping to update it from the current version (2.30) to the most recent version to make use of the additional effects / amps etc. I've downloaded both the most up to date version of HX Edit (v. 3.15) and version 2.30 (to match the firmware on the unit) but, no matter what I try, as soon as the driver is installed and the unit is connected via USB, my PC gets a BSOD every single time. I've been doing a bit of reading around and understood that there some problems with Logitech G-Hub and, whilst i can see that an older version of the drivers seemed to fix that, I've uninstalled G-Hub anyway but had no luck. It even blue screened from Safe Mode with networking. Interestingly, if the HX Edit / driver software isn't installed, the Helix can be connected without any issue but, of course, it isn't recognised by the PC. My PC is running Windows 11 with all up to date patches etc. Is anyone aware of any work arounds or ways to get this to work as I'm at a complete loss. I can, of course, give specs of the machine if that's useful but I'm not sure what would be helpful to share and what isn't relevant. A few that may be useful though - Windows 11 Pro 64 bit, version 21H2; NVidia GeForce RTX 2070 - driver, Asus STRIX Z390 mother board, Intel Core i9 9900K CPU. If anyone could help or at least point me in a direction, that would be massively appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dave
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