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  1. Thanks! Good to know that it is not something that I can fix on my own.
  2. I recently was given an old spider ii 210 amp, and it has a lot of issues making it virtually unusable. I have been looking around on here and have seen people with similar issues but not quite the same issue from this amp a while ago. Basically, when I turn the amp on, without even playing or touching anything, the preset channels (clean, twang, blues, etc...) will switch around like crazy with the LEDs going off all over the place. The effects will also sometimes go on and off. When I use the models knob to change it, even the slightest touch will make the LEDs go all the way around and back and forth making it impossible to land on the model I'm looking for. Even if I do get it there, it sometimes changes on its own. I have tried the factory reset method by holding the channel A button while powering on, but I'm not sure it did anything (maybe I did it wrong). Is this even worth trying to fix?
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