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  1. Hi, I'm connecting my Pedal/Ext Amp output to my PRS MT15 amp head footswitch input for channel switching and getting a horrible buzz sound. I was told Line 6 doesn't isolate the ground and it can create a ground loop and induce hum when connecting to another amp. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this noise? I'm using the 4 cable method connection. I ordered a Palmer Line Isolator on a whim from another suggestion (to be used between Ext Amp to MT15 Footswitch input) that this solves.
  2. Thanks all for your replies. I will check out the Big Book of Helix Tips. I'm still somewhat new to Line 6 effects so I've just been changing presets as I see stuff on YouTube that catches my eye and tweaking the rest by ear. But, I've seen nothing to believe the Helix delays cannot do anything the Walrus D1 can....and yes it's not a cheap pedal. The only reason I bought the Walrus was because I have a Boss Katana digital amp and was not satisfied with the delay options. For my reverb swap test (instead of the Walrus D1), I was using a cheap Biyang rv-10 baby boom tri-reverb pedal. I believe it's China made if not mistaken. It's not a bad pedal and does add flavor to the HX presets, but has an awful hum where I may need a noise gate to clean up after it. Now, I have an MK15 (Mark Tremonti) amp head with Marshall speakers which the HX Effects compliments very well. I just got tired on rolling the dice on pedal after pedal. I've had a busy weekend but I will test the Walrus directly into my guitar to rule out no issues with the pedal and re-post results here.
  3. Thank you very much for the preset import. So, I switched out the Walrus with an analog reverb pedal I had....which seemed to work in your preset. Also, seemed to work in my preset as well. My FX Loop 2 is set to Mono with the Bypass set also. The digital Walrus does have Midi which I'm not trying to utilize in this FX Loop 2 scenario because you can manually switch between 1 of 9 presets on the pedal itself. I am plugged into the Mono input/output 1/4 jacks on the Walrus (which connected to FX Loop 2). Wondering if it's something to do with being a digital delay pedal? To be honest, the delays and reverbs seem pretty good on the HX Effects so I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time? So far, I've only found external overdrive pedals connected to HX Effects to be of any noticeable sound improvement.
  4. Hi, I guess I didn't use FX Loop 1 because I'm using the 4 cable method with that Send/Return going into my amp head Input and Send. Just thought it would be easier to park my external pedal within FX Loop 2 without getting cross wired with amp. Is that not necessary?
  5. I'm mostly using HX Edit software to edit the block for the preset channel. But, I have Instrument selected for Send/Return1 and Send/Return2 in Global Settings (not aware you can view Global Settings within HX Edit). Not sure if I even need to be concerned with the Bypass/Controller Assign tab section on FX Loop block item.
  6. Hi, I have an external Walrus Mako D1 delay pedal that I'm trying to connect to my FX Loop 2 on HX Effects Unit. I thought this was a pretty simple connect FX Loop 2 --> Send -> input Walrus D1 & output Walrus D1 -> Return --> FX Loop 2. Then, activate/add FX Loop 2 block in chain within HX Edit for the channel. Have not been able to get any external delay from Walrus. Am I missing something obvious? Seems this should be simple. The D1 is a digital delay with midi options so it's not your typical analog pedal as I understand.
  7. I did change these settings in the Global Settings which seems to have made a difference and can now manually change the volume with the knobs on the amp. However, it still seems a tad quieter than before the 4cm connections.
  8. Yes, I have FX Loop 1 in the Chain. Please see below. The issue I have is I believe some setting is limiting the max amp volume since I have it connected via 4 cable method. I was hoping someone who knows the Helix setup better than I can point me to a particular setting to turn up/down the volume as I need.
  9. Hi, I'm new to HX Effects and having issues with the overall amp volume since I connected via the 4 cable method. I know this is somewhat of a common issue and probably rehashed several times. However, I haven't seen any answers in the instruction manual that I noticed. I'm using a PRS MT15 amp head via 4cm. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. HK Edit seemed to solve my update problem as opposed to Line 6 Updater. Thanks.
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