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  1. IN to a RETURN jack from LANEY DI and out where`?
  2. Hi, Is i possible to connect a Laney Ironhart that has Direct Out to my Helix and use the cabinet emulations and from there send the signal to preamp for recording? Micke, Sweden.
  3. Hi thanks, You are totally right about what I am trying to achive, Ok I just have to try again..
  4. Thanks, but I live in Sweden.. So you mean that there is no way to make a path in Helix for one pedal to two amps? file
  5. Hi. Yes. How do I get the volume and wah pedal go to two paralel Amps that has A and B out separatly? Really dont get it... Micke.
  6. Ok! I now get it! I watched a Youtube video regarding 4cm and That guy put a send-effect-return on Helix which seem to be right.. so that was my mistake, did not get that I only have to put the send/return BEFORE the delays etc. and not a return After also.. Micke
  7. Aha, thanks. But I still get my preampsound from my EVH too mixed with the clean "afterpreamphelixefx" its like its either main amp sound or Helix effect sound they do not blend nice atall... Micke.
  8. Ok, Thanks, I will try again today, yes I want to turn off the -after preamp effects - occasionally and thougt I should just turn off the efxloop send on Helix.. New Question: I know how to get a parallel path using only Helix bur what do you mean with parallel path in this 4cabel scenario?? Thanks for your effort! Micke.
  9. Hi, Thanks, it was page 30 but I have fiddled around with those and my "higain" sound gets mixed with the clean sound and sort of disappears . when just put my Strymon delay in my amps EFXloop it sound nice.. I have been a fan of Line 6 since the first POD I thought I finally would have everything I ever wanted in one box.. But Im in doubt.. Micke.
  10. Hi, I watched the videos but it do not sound good.. I just want reverb and delay as efx. I am using a 5150 EVH with send/return . Send from Helix to EVH input. Return from Helix to EVH send. Output from Helix to EVH Return. I am also using the channel/efx Switchpedal that comes with the EVH. When disable the send/returns on Helix, I can still hear the effects, delay-reverb.. When disable the EVH-EFX-button there is no sound at all. so.. When connecting the cables as formentioned I can not switch off the effects and just have my dry sound from the EVH but is stuck with the EFX-loop sound.. What am I missing here!? Please help.. Micke.
  11. i will check that out tomorrow.. to be continued.. Micke.
  12. ok, But what shall I do? Am I the only one that has this problem? Micke.
  13. Hi , Thanks for answering! Well I have tried both things, Kill Dry and when setting Helix MIX to 100% there is to much of H9 and the original guitartone is a little bit lost. When setting to, round 50% Mix it is more like it but the hollow/flanger sound is there until I just disengage/bypass the FXloop. But why is this not a problem when using separate Send/Return? What is the difference? Sorry..Micke.
  14. Eeeh ok, And what shall I do to get rid of it? Micke.
  15. Hi, I have my Eventide H9 connected to send/return 1 on Helix. If I choose to use "FXloop 1" I get this subtle phasey sound. When bypass Helix FXloop the sound gets solid and thick again. This hollow sound is present even if I bypass my external effect so It has something to do with Helix. This is prominent when I put the effect on a separate path "beside the orignal tone", as the Line6 folk decribe to do when using delays.. On the other hand, If I choose to use one SEND and one RETURN separatly, this phenomena do not occure. Why cant I just use the FXloop and save one step in the block? What is the difference between these two options, FXloop and the SEND/RETURN? Please help Best regards, Micke/Sweden.
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