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  1. Well, psyche. As soon as I get home from a weekend vacation, the Pod Go immediately has problems again. Same setup, etc. I did test with a practice amp and that actually worked fine, so at least I know I'm dealing with a software issue. It's pretty frustrating not having a brand new thing work right, but hey, at least the potential issues are narrowed down?
  2. Okay, good news! So first off, right after I made this post (like, within the hour), I got a response from Line 6 with the support ticket. But this weekend, I reached out to someone who knows Macs better than I do and together we managed to get the Line 6 updater software installed and then rebooted the computer. After the reboot, I haven't run into the latency issue again. Think the problem may have been a buffering issue relating to installing a driver/the updater software. I may have solved the problem!!! Thanks for all the help! Excited to dig into the Pod for real now! :)
  3. Hey! I bought a brand new Pod Go this last week and it got here Monday. I'd been super excited to get acquainted with it, and it sounds awesome...but there's an issue. At random intervals, I'll get a crazy 1-2 second lag spike that won't go away unless I turn the device off and restart it. It's been a fairly consistent issue and I'm not entirely sure if it's a firmware issue, hardware issue, or if I've got it hooked up wrong somehow. Right now I've got it plugged into my MacBook Pro (Monterey M1 OS) via the USB cable that came with it and have it running into GarageBand as a DAW. My Pod Go and Pod Edit software are both updated to Version 1.40, and my laptop and GarageBand are both up to date. Is anybody else having a similar issue, and if so, is there any troubleshooting I can try? I really want to like the Pod Go but this problem is pretty big, because as is I can't count on this thing for live play or recording. A full second or two of latency isn't exactly workable! As an aside, I did already file a support ticket with Line 6 on Monday, but it's been more that 3 business days and I've gotten no response from their support team. I've tried their phone number, I've tried texting their support number and I've filed a ticket. I just want to know if I should return the device to the store I've got it from; they have a 7-day grace period for refunds and I feel like I've already wasted 4 days waiting on an answer from Line 6. Pretty frustrating.
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