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  1. It wound up they had sent the replacement 2 weeks or more before I started this thread, but they never emailed me any notification of it, or a tracking number like they said they would, and the ups driver left it outside a door that is never used, and it sat there outside for about 2 weeks, rainy days and all.... It's all good though as it works, but a lot of unnecessary trouble could have been easily avoided if I had been notified as I was told I would be..... Still, good to have it again.
  2. Thank you for the advice, I don't understand what's up with the support ticket since it still say's it is open, but seems useless.
  3. I opened a ticket on march 28, which I was promptly given an RMA and told to ship my ux1 back for replacement. That was done and confirmed received by Line 6. I was also getting good prompt updates through the Support Ticket, but was told on April 18th there were no more UX1 units in stock and would have to wait until April 26th for new shipment. I've heard nothing and gotten no more Ticket responses, but noticed my Support Ticket still has April 18 as the last update time. Does that mean my questions since then are not being seen? I've tried and still trying to reach L6 CS by phone, but always say's they are closed. I promptly did just as I was instructed well over a month ago and just simply need a replacement sent my way... Should I open another ticket?
  4. I just purchased a UX1 in December and all was working fine with no problems at all until about 20 minutes ago when I heard a couple of crackly pop noises come from the unit and the green light went off with a burning smell coming from it, deader than dead just gone in a split second with no other damage to the computer at all....What in the heck? Has anyone else had this happen? I've had two UX2 units over 15 years that were workhorses until they gave out.
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