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  1. sorry, i should have mentioned i'm using the normal workbench software. not the HD :) and updated the hd500x flash today. have been without internet for a couple of weeks.
  2. Greetings, Line6 monkey sees the variax, yet the workbench software wont see the guitar anymore. used to work, dont know what changed other than POD HD500x flash update. Anyone else having this issue? running windows 10, tried all compatibility modes. phone support says it should work, but it doesn't. again, it used to work perfectly fine until today.
  3. i don't understand new technology, i'm done with music! wow... have you tried turnin' it off and on again yet?
  4. when i was frank, i carried my small kustom profile 200 system to gigs and was as happy as the bob i am nowadays :)
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