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    FRFR Question

    I think manufacturers 'hype' the bass and high end on PA speakers so when you compare the different speaker brands in a shop, they stand out and get bought. A true flat response speaker sounds a little dull in comparison. But they tend to sound much better for our uses. I'm not familiar with the Laney, but the others are really Full Range speakers, not necessarily Flat Response. They probably have a lot more DJs buying this stuff than guitar modelers. I've put take-out restaurant magnets on the grill to try to diffuse the tweeters...helps a little, lol. Just try and dial the patches to match the speaker the best you can. I name the different 'user' preset folders in the Helix for the speaker I've dialed them in for. I just got a Matrix FR10. Soo much less ear fatigue compared to my QSC K series. Much easier to get a usable tone immediately. I also have CPS SpaceStation that I love for 3D sounds. I've tried a CLR, some EVs, QSC, Yamahas and the Matrix and CPS are my favs (so far....). I only mess with these FR speakers to get a somewhat nice acoustic guitar tone, otherwise I'm not sure they're worth the battle.
  2. Yeah, I've heard some videos that were dreadfully fizzy. Not to worry. It sounds like the good videos lol. Highly recommended.
  3. A second on the Altos or how about a used Fender Mustang iv - direct to the power amp in. Cheap, stereo, 150 watts and the Mustang isn't too bad by itself as a backup. You can also get the mono iii version for about $250 used.
  4. I'm running the latest Beta firmware 1.11 I believe. I guess it won't work until you update, sorry.
  5. How does your patch(es) volume level compare to a new, unused preset?
  6. Unless you already have rack gear you want to incorporate, and you want to lug a big rack around, my vote is to hold out for the floor unit.
  7. Some people have found that connecting through a hub or secondary device instead of directly to the Mac's USB ports resolves the issue. Then the editor only disconnects if the computer falls asleep.
  8. With the Helix, to me if I place any effects after the Cab block it becomes a recorded tone vs raw tone. Like a studio effect. Take reverb. Between the amp and cab or even before the amp it's more like real amp reverb. After the cab it's more recorded tone. That was a little off topic. Sorry. Avatar has made some great cabs at great prices. I'm really looking forward to this.
  9. I have some OwnHammer and the free set from Redwirez is very good, but my favorites I got from Roscoe5 on this forum. I've been spending a few hours everyday crafting my patches to be stage-ready, and I they just seem to be the best.
  10. I only use the Helix w/ FRFRs because of some of the acoustic tones I use, so not much experience with what you're doing, but without an amp cab sim the tone is very harsh in my setups. There aren't any does it sound using a cab model when running into your amp? Do whatever sounds good!
  11. I'm glad you got the patch sorted and I hope it was worth all the effort! lol. I'm a huge Suhr fan. Just an FYI, with the dozen or so I've had, the price difference between their $2k models and a custom $5k makes no difference on the quality of the guitar. They're all built by the same hands at Suhr. All great stuff.
  12. Well the IR's in the second file are the exact same files as in the first, I just changed their names to make loading easier. The first IR in the patch is the Taylor314 Shure 57 and the second is the J45 Neumann M147.
  13. So you press a footswitch on the Helix and it changes the Minilouge's arpeggiator?
  14. I enjoy the stability of it. To me it's a stage tuner and works great. Would I set my guitar's intonation with it? Well, no... (but I have). And it does work better using harmonics, even though I prefer the ease of using open strings.
  15. The only other thing I can think of is sometimes computers hide file extensions from users. So maybe it appears as a .hlx but is really something else? When I download patches/IR's from Dropbox, my Mac doesn't change the extension, but adds one to it, which I have to then edit off. And this doesn't happen when I download patches from CustomTone. But If I download as a 'zip' from the blue Dropbox tab, it doesn't add the extension.
  16. This preset was made with the latest firmware, if that matters. I've heard from a couple people that have downloaded and used the patch and IRs from the above link. It worked for them. And the IR's in the second link should work without the patch. At least they've worked for dozens of people on this forum.
  17. Sometimes when I download files to my Mac it automatically puts .txt on the end of the file. Maybe your computer has done something similar. The IR files should end in .wav and the patch .hlx Check this first.
  18. I must say I hear this from time to time. I look down to see if I've clicked on my pseudo acoustic patch by accident. There is just a little something in the tone that says acoustic-electric. Strange.
  19. So my current work-around for this is after I boot the Helix, I check that the Looper is set to 1/2 Speed in all patches that I may want to use the Looper with.
  20. Thanks for the help. I tried it, no luck. When you reboot Helix the 1/2 speed setting doesn't save. Then the first recorded loop does the double speed thing. Then record a new loop and after that, it will work. Strange. Unless you cycle the '1/2-FULL' footswitch back and forth while the Loop is stopped, record a new 1/2 Speed loop, and then it's back to doing the double speed chipmunk when changing presets. Stop the loop, change presets. Then the Looper will back to working normal, if you record a new loop. This is between two identical presets. And I try it with other presets, same thing. No glitch using FULL speed loops.
  21. If the other patch doesn't have a looper, the loop stops and is lost. So each patch has a looper. The jump to full speed sounds like The Chipmunks. Seems like a glitch. Is it possible to have loopers saved to half speed in your patches?
  22. I tend to use the looper in 1/2 speed mode to get the longer time. Problem is while playing a loop and you change patches while in half speed, it jumps to full speed. Chipmunk style. Any work around for this? Where I can report this issue? Thanks- edited for clarification
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