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  1. Thanks silverhead, At the moment I have a Marshall DSL100, but considering I'm using a JTV-59 and an HD500, I'm thinking the DT50 may be a better fit for me. I play in a few bands and all of them have completely different styles, so I need something that's very versatile (and loud). I'm just worried I'm going to buy the amp a day before Line 6 announces a new DT model, but I guess that will always be a risk. Thanks heaps for your reply!
  2. I'm having a bit of trouble finding a DT50 212 in Australia at the moment. None of the stores I've contacted seem to have it in stock (though some of them have the 112). I wonder if this may be due to either Line 6 planning to announce new models for the DT series; or Line 6 planing to discontinue the DT series to focus on products like the Amplifi. Do you guys recommend asking a store to order one for me, or waiting a bit to see if Line 6 makes an announcement about the DT series? I know it's a hard to answer question, but I thought some of you Line 6 expert may have a better idea or some predictions about what the future holds for the DT series. Cheers!
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