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  1. Hey Helixers! Got my brand new HX stompbox today and hooked it up!! Some great sounds there. Aimed to put it onto my pedalboard in the effects chain thusly: Guitar - Wah pedal - Eventide H9 - Line6 HX - KoT - Klon - Strymon Flint - MXR Carbon copy - Marshall amp. The Strymon and MXR and Klon were NOT happy! Horrendous noise. I discovered the culprits by isolating pedals one by one. The noise was present even when the digital stuff was in bypass mode. Testing the analog pedals one-by-one confirmed that they were all ok individually. Eventually i've arrived at Guitar -Wah- H9 -HX-KoT-amp. Not completely noiseless but certainly a vast improvement and useable. I like to have my analog kit with its simplicity and ease of use. Advice and feedback greatly appreciated.
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