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  1. Thanks! I have pretty decent studio monitors.......I also use my headphones while recording a lot of the time. I have really good Sennheisers.
  2. Thanks......And just 2 more questions please: B) 1. Does Helix have a smart harmony feature? I absolutely loved this effect in the POD HD. 2. Can you download/share user made tones like before on other units? Promise......I am close to stopping all my questions! :ph34r:
  3. Ok, thanks for the info......I did not order it last night as planned as I watched way too many more comp vids. I watched a comp between this and a floor model Fractal unit and a lot of talk was about the Line 6 fizz........That caught my attention because the reason I stopped using the POD HD was because of this. Once I got the Eleven Rack there was no fizz.....so I was happy......until I heard the Fractal AxeII and the Helix........but now you say Helix has that fizz too?
  4. I'll give you all my feedback. I had a lot of Line 6 products and were happy with them over the years.....except when I owned the HD-147 head......man that head was a handful to dial in tones on. :angry:
  5. Agreed...Sometimes too many models is just too much.......I am simple.....nice cleans, nice distortion and great effects, that's what I need....I watched a lot of compare vids and I did not see that big of a difference between Fractal and Helix......not enough for a thousand dollar difference anyway.
  6. Awesome.......Ordering it today from Sweetwater.
  7. Yeah, with me as long as I have my dedicated rhythm tones and a lead tone, I am good. Since all of my stuff is recording into my DAW, I would not be switching up anything since I will be tracking my guitar parts (Rhythm tracks then lead tracks one at a time)....I am assuming Helix has some kind of online editor like POD has Line -6 Edit? That made it easy when I needed to switch tones......point ,click, play.....
  8. Lol.....Oh, you meant that. Yeah, I may add that in later. Not really needed right now. I had the FBV Floorboard when I played live using a Spider Valve head an cabinet.......It helped.
  9. The rack is the one I am getting as my studio set up is optomized for rack units.......What do you mean by get it with control?
  10. Thanks again! I am ordering the Helix tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I will be using this an interface into my DAW. The POD HD and my Eleven Rack are both excellent for this. An out of state friend has the Fractal and yes ,he swears by it. I know he says it is excellent for home recording. But man.......$2500 I don't mind spending money but the Helix is a thousand less and seems to sound great from what I heard online.
  12. Hey all, I am not new here though I have not been here in awhile. I have had many LINE 6 products from the Flextone to HD-147 to Spider Valve head and cabs for live.......and every POD as well. I still have my POD HD Bean but I switched to the Eleven Rack a few years ago. I am in the market for new gear and I was interested in the Fractal Axe Effect as well as this new Helix.I have watched a lot of You Tube comparison vids and the Helix sounds pretty damn good. I dont play live anymore but I do a alot of home recording so good gear and tone is important.So I am asking any Helix owners here.......Is it really that good and worth it? I would be buying the rack version. I also play mostly metal and some blues so I would be interested to know if Helix can handle high gain tones that sound great as well as blues rock. Any info given as far as ease of use, amp tones would be really great.
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