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  1. Yes it is an authorized line 6 service center. They are listed on the site as such. for 2 and 3 understood. When I get the amps taken in next I will provide your instructions and verify that the bias is set correctly. Thank you, Jordan
  2. Thank you for the response. I stay away from florescent lights when possible. I just bought one of the amps used, but the other two had tubes changed within the past few months. I do not change the tubes myself, I use a service center that is nearby and they did do an investigation and could not find the cause of the high pitched noise. I will try getting the tubes changed again and if that fixes the problem, I will update the thread. Thank you for your time, Jordan
  3. I have three spider valve mkii 112 combo amps and each of them are exhibiting a high pitched sound around 3khz-3.5khz when the amp is on. For the most part it is in the background, but at various times it can get higher in the mix where it can be a distractor or even painful. The tubes have been switched out and verified as the correct tubes and re-biased and the noise still persists. I switched cables, guitars, used a power conditioner, but the sounds still persists. I believe the sound may be somehow connected to the master volume. When I use the amp live I can hear the sound. However, when I use the amp and use the direct output feature (via studio or performance mode), the high pitched noise no longer persists. Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any potential fixes? Thank you.
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