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  1. Thanks fflbrgst, I'll check your album out. Zap,"Al the media" isn't music recorded with the same gear you record with. When i used to use a VS 890, I used to listen to the planet radio for hours and hours. When I record with a company's equipment I want to hear just how good that eqipment can be made to sound. By hearing what many others do with that same equipment you get a feelfor what's possible for you.
  2. What is Line 6thinking. There are radio stations and podcats for the Roand VS units and various other company's products, but the company that is the main home recording choice for PC users has no place for potential customers to hear all the great music done on Line 6 gear, ARE THEY KIDDING WITH THIS?? The old forum used to have some song links and such, but it is now gone. Come on Line 6, we should be able to pop some phones on and go to a site and hear literaly hundreds of saongs recorded using Line 6 gear.
  3. Hi. Thatforum link only shows up as complicated html code, no forums.
  4. Hi guys. I have owned Line 6 gear for years. I remember the old Line 6 forum a few years back, before this one, and I used to go there and listen to tons of songs people would post links to. So on these newer forums people don't post their songs anymore. Not sure if Line 6 put a stop to that here or not. I remember they used to have a link to the old forum and I used to still go there and find links to songs, but those links began to dry up because of people changing their sites and such. So, where can folks go now to hear what people have done with their Podfarm using Line 6 units? I like to download a bunch of these songs on my mp3 player and I love having a folder full of songs all done with the same units I am using to record. If there are really no dedicated sites for recordings of Posfarm songs, maybe Line 6 would let us start a single thread at least here. Or if not, could you guys send me in the right direction? Also, one more question. Is podfarm and Gearbox equivalent in actual sound quality? I realize Pod farm has many capabilities that gearbox doesn't have, but it's the actual sound quality I am concerned with. I don't use 30 amp modls and such like that, so gearbox is actually overkill as far as functions, but if it does record with the exact same quality then that would be what is most important to me and would mean I would want gearbox downloaded on my computer just because I am so familiar with it. Thanks
  5. Hi. No, my UX1 is the black studio model that came with Podfarm 2.0 I never purchased Pod farm separate. I have owned two of the older red UX2 models, but my new one is the studio model as well. Ill probablt just end up keeping my ux1 for my other laptop.
  6. Cause then my resale value is hurt. If it goes with the hardware, then why can't I send it with this ux1 hardware and I get another copy with my new ux2, right?
  7. I currently have a ux1 studio. I use and love my pod farm 2.55. I needed an extra phantom input so I just ordered a new ux2 studio. So I will not ned the ux1 anymore, I will sell it, so will I be able to gift my pod farm license for that ux1 to a buyer and still have my pod farm 2.55 that is supposed to come with my new ux2? If not, then I would not see this as fair by line 6 because I paid full price for both units which is supposaed to include the cost of podfarm, but if I have to give away my only license when selling the ux1, and it comes off my account, and I can't use it for my new ux2, then it would mean to me that I paid for TWO pod farm instances and only get one that would go with the ux2. Or, I have to get less for my ux1 because something that came with it new is not now still with it because I had to keep it to use with my new ux2, but I already also paid for a ux2 with podfarm. So I should be able to sell my ux1 with podfarm and use my new ux2 with podfarm also, since I paid full price for each unit. So how does this work? if I buy 40 line 6 units that all use pod farm, and I only get one license, yet I pay the full price for each unit and a license of podfarm, and I can't transfer them as i sell the units, then effectively, I would be paying for 39 extra instances of podfarm and I would only get to actually use one of them, and line 6 makes the money for 40 of them, is this correct?
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