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  1. Ok thanks for reply. Got most levels at 6 or 7 including master on SJam and guitar volume and its plenty loud enough for home use. Presume by using this method and by passing the amp its the same as going into a PA system.
  2. Is there a difference in signal level when using phone to mp3? Thanks
  3. Hi All Got a Pod 2.0 and recently borrowed a Pocket Pod. There is a preset on the pocket that I want to copy to Pod 2.0 but cant seem to find a way of doing it. Asked Line 6 but the answer was a bit vague. Any advice please Thanks
  4. Hi All Having great fun with a pocket Pod. Using the headphone out on Pod into mp3 on a Spider Jam and was wondering what the difference in signal level (if any) compared to running into front of amp. Thanks
  5. Hi All Got a Pod 2.0 but a friend has just lent me a Pocket Pod. Playing through my Spider Jam using the direct out on the Pod into the headphone socket on my Jam. Sounds awesome. Have downloaded Vyzex but was wondering how to find out what the settings are for the presets on the Pocket Pod as I would like to use some of them on my Pod 2.0 if it was possible. Thanks.
  6. No probs Brazzy. Think cnet is pretty safe. Koyote also good for converting backing tracks from Free guitar backing tracks to play on SJam
  7. Hi Just googled Koyote and it took me to cnet download site. Works ok, don't think it does Jam files tho
  8. just in case you need a converter, I used to use Koyote. It was good and free.
  9. Hi All Recently bought a second hand Pod. Started doing an open mic/jam night with my acoustic. We all plug in to a mixing desk then into a Bose PA system (Not mine!!) and it sounds good. I want to take my Strat next time as its getting a bit more rocky. My question is if I set up some sounds on my Pod using the phone to mp3 connection will they sound similar going through the desk and PA? I wont have chance to dial anything in as its not my gear. Thanks
  10. Thanks for replies-much appreciated Like what I hear using the mp3 input plus I can have my amp further away from me and tweak the Pod at the side of me
  11. Hi All Just rediscovering my Spider Jam and saw on the Line 6 website that the Aux In should be used for things like pedals and Pods etc. What is the difference between guitar input and aux input? Does the Aux bypass anything?
  12. a1terrier

    EQ Pedal

    Saw Mick Ralphs with his Blues Band a couple of years ago (£10 admission!!!!) at a local small venue-he was awesome, played a lot of blues standards and finished off with a couple of Bad Company numbers-awesome night out.
  13. a1terrier

    EQ Pedal

    Thanks Bill Must say I`m still liking my S~Jam. Bought a Blackstar HT5 a couple of years ago but part-exed it recently with some other stuff to buy a Taylor acoustic. It sounded ok but got frustrated with not being able to save settings as I can with SJam. Recently bought a used MIM Fender Strat with S Duncans fitted, it sounds awesome through SJam, all the way from jangly cleans to Bad Company odrive
  14. a1terrier

    EQ Pedal

    Hi All Long time Spider Jam owner here. Was wondering if an eq pedal would work ok with SJam for fine tuning. Thanks
  15. No worries Bill-you are a big help to us novices So I download a tone into a file on my laptop then copy into L6E and if I like them then copy to pod? Thanks
  16. Hi All Recently got a Pod 2.0 and after much messing about got it to work with Line 6 Edit (Thanks Bill Bee!!) Just been on to custom tone - is it possible to hear these tones before downloadin or do I download to laptop then drag and drop into Pod Thanks
  17. WHOOO HOOO!!! Finally got it working. Deleted all Java and reinstalled 32 bit and 64 bit. Deleted all Line 6 and reinstalled again, expected the worst but surprise-surprise Line 6 Edit works!!!!! Phoned Line 6 this morning but they still couldn't come up with a solution so decided to have another go Thanks for all help, much appreciated
  18. Suppose so will ring Line 6 again tomorrow thanks
  19. How odd. Its the usb light flashing slowly but theres no data transfer going on its just plugged in via usb and midi in/out
  20. Hi All (Again) Just noticed that the MD5 numbers don't match-is that important?
  21. Hey All Thanks for replies, much appreciated. Just looking forward to sorting it out. What I don't understand is that Line 6 edit opened when pod was plugged in with cheapo usb but wont with m audio. Also wondering - the usb light on the m audio cable is flashing slowly but brighlyand the in and out lights are lit but not bright is this normal?
  22. Thanks for replies Phoned Line 6 today and they couldn't make it work either. Said they would get back to me but nothing yet
  23. Thanks for replies Got the M Audio working fine with correct driver Its the Line 6 Edit that's the problem, downloaded every version knowing that some were not right but when I try and run it all I get is the Line 6 logo then nothing, but it did open when I had the cheaper cable,just wouldn't recognise pod, probably just a coincidence Line 6 Monkey recognises it OK Going to ring Line 6 in the UK tomorrow if I cant sort it Just got back from an open mic/jam session so off to bed
  24. Hi All Returned the cheaper usb/midi and got the M Audio, downloaded drivers all fine except that after I downloaded Line 6 Edit,it wont open, just shows the line 6 logo then nothing. I`m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit Is there a specific Line 6 edit to download? Thanks in advance
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