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  1. Nope, I figure it out. Just took another person to ask a simple question. Why is it only the first 4 banks? I hadn't thought to check the rest. But the first 4 are my live setup and I have FX Loops in each preset. I just assumed it would auto bypass but it doesn't. The sound just stops at the FX Loop. Seems a bit of an oversight but easily dealt with now that I know the problem. Thanks everyone that offered any help.
  2. I've checked the amp (which is new and working perfectly) and the mixer which is also working. All leads now confirmed as working. I used all this gear regularly so I'm a bit stumped. Do these things just go kaput? It's a year and a half old. Is warranty out of date? Pretty bummed if this is just out of warranty and having a major fail.
  3. I haven't specifically checked the cable but because they pass signal when I enable the tuner I assume they are all good. Having said that, yes I have checked 2 out of the three cables that I have been using today. Thanks for the idea though.
  4. This has to be some simple mistake. I tried (amp switch) out to Roland HD500X. No processed sound. If I use the tuner to bypass the processing there is signal. Tried the same to mixer. Same result. Using guitar in and mono unbalanced out (tried both outs). It's been working ever day for over a year so I can't imagine what is going one. Is there something obvious I'm missing? Tried with headphones as well. Same result. With tuner on I hear guitar but when off there is no output. (edit) Has had use once a fortnight for over a year without missing a beat. I did read somewhere that there should be no sound when the tuner is engaged. As this is the only time there is a signal passing through could that be a sign of the problem?
  5. I know hold Enter to enter the mode to set a footswitch. Is there a way to exit this mode other than saving?
  6. Well things have started working. Not sure why. Irestarted the computer and left the HD500X unplugged for a while. Also changed banks back and forth in the Pod so fingers crossed that is the last of that.
  7. Just noticed also, if I close Edit after everything is working, the presets go blank but all components still show up in the HD500X UI. If I open Edit and select one of the silent presets, hey presto it starts working again.
  8. I have had a week with no sync problems but today they began. I just wanted to tweak the level of an eq stomp. After syncing the preset is fixed. Transfer the setlist to the pod. All woring fine when I select presets from the Edit program. As soon as I close Edit random presets are missing from various banks. I started Edit again, opened the saved presets, they work, put them back into the right spot in the setlist, they work fine. Close Edit and disconnect the Pod and random presets are gone. I've tried various things, from leaving Edit open and disconnecting the USB lead to vice versa. Tried restarting the HD500X and no change. Obviously this is a big problem for me so any help would be great.
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