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  1. No, it does not sound like that - I would be happy with that sound. Yes - I started new patches and tried all the amp models. No, I didn't try the amp out at all. I tried headphones in the headphone out, and connected my monitors (Yamaha HS5) to the Pod GO main outs. The GO has gone back now. I am planning to get down to my local music shop (PMT Oxford) when they have the GO in stock and try another unit. I've been really looking forward to the GO since it was shown at NAMM - I am gutted right now. Hopefully I did just have a duff one. If I manage to try another unit and it does indeed sound like the YouTube demos it will be an instant buy. Line 6 really have done a fantastic job with the form-factor and UI.
  2. After months of waiting I finally managed to get a Pod GO - I am so disappointed in it. All the medium to high gain amp models sound really lifeless and muffled. I tried for hours and could not get any usable rock or metal tones. I normally run my Pod into 2 studio monitors but also tried the GO with 3 different pairs of headphones - all sounded bad. Tried a factory reset. Tried downloading some patches. Tried a Strat, Les Paul with humbuckers and Les Paul with P90s. All sounded bad. I'm seriously wondering if the retail units have different hardware to the demo units - all the demos on YouTube sound great. My 10 year old Pod X3 sounds great. The Pod GO, terrible. It's currently boxed up and will be dropped off at the post office later to go back for a refund. I can't see how I have a broken unit as digital things tend to be 100% OK or completely broken. Any ideas why it could sound so bad? (not my playing :)) Everything else about the Pod GO (UI, layout, controls) is really, really good, but at the end of the day, the sound is the most important thing.
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