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  1. I did some other web searches and came across this post. http://line6.com/support/message/200255 Looks like I'm not the only one who would like this feature. Sadly, the other post is from 2010 and the feature is still not in the DT / HD combination.
  2. I tried the last suggestion. It seems that the HD500 adds modeling to the sound no matter what. If I select no amp, and adjust the settings on the amp for the sound I want, it also does not appear that there is a way to save this. It's too bad... The DT500 has a lot of tonal flexibility on its own apart from the HD500's modeling capability. There just doesn't seem to be a way to tap in to it.
  3. If I wanted to just model tones from the pedal, I wouldn't have bought the DT and would have just connected the HD500 to my old Yamaha GT100-112 on the clean channel. It sounds like I need to pick some amp model that provides the least change to the tone output of the pedal as a starting point and then create a bank of sounds from that amp model with different DT settings. Seems odd that I have to do it this way.
  4. You would think there would be a simple way to do this... How do I use the HD500 as a controller for the DT25 controls (class, topology, mode, A/B) without specifying a specific amp model? Or is there a "DT25" amp model available that can be downloaded? Related to this, is there a way to change the amp settings using the effects buttons? One would think that all this would be possible through the HD Link connection.
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