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  1. Happy Wednesday! I am a lover of the HD500X - been crafting some tones for my original music and coming up with some stuff I am very happy with! I am struggling a touch with the 'Pitch Glide' - my problem is I am finding it to be not very 'gradual' or even with 'Whammy' type of sweeps from pitch to +12 or +24 when using an expression pedal. A dramatic pitch change happens much closer to the 'Toe Down' position rather than an even 'sweep' from 'Toe Up' to 'Toe Down' Settings on the Exp pedal are for instance '0' pitch at Toe Down and +12 at Toe Up I am using an Ernie Ball VP Jr with an active pot - also tried the Boss FV500 - wondering if anyone can shed some light if they have had better luck with this effect. Thanks!
  2. Is 2.6 not supposed to be released today, March 26th?
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