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  1. silverhead, you are my Hero !!
  2. No, that's a great idea! Have no experience with restore, but as far as ik understand of your answer, i can select what to restore! I'll check and let you know!
  3. Hi Guys, I did a firmware upgrade to 3.15 and followed the advice of a factory reset. Unfortunately I have now lost the setting that ensures that I always return to the original snapshot after switching to another snapshot. Example, snapshot 2 has an overdrive, but while playing I also add the delay. I switch to snapshot 4 and go back to snapshot 2 and again I only have the drive. Unfortunately, the setting is now such that I have the drive and delay again. So the device remembers the last setting. Anyone have an idea how I can prevent that? There is a setting for it, but which one..
  4. Not exactly, but the Elevators helped me out. Thanks for taking the time to answer me !!
  5. You are my Hero !! Thanks man !!
  6. Hi guys. I have a question that may be easy for experts to answer. I work with 2 snapshots A. 2 effects active B. 3 effects active If I have selected snapshot A, I sometimes manually activate a 3rd or 4th effect. If I then go to snapshot B and later back to snapshot A, then 3 or 4 effects are active, while I would very much like to go back to the original state of 2 effects. Anyone have an idea if and how this can be fixed? It would make me happy if this is possible. thanks for your attention! Willem
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