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  1. Rowbi's post in HD500X and Stompboxes was marked as the answer   
    Distortions work ok into the pod, I've done it lots.
    There are no roadmaps as such that we can see due to some of what would be on it likely being commercially sensitive... I.e. New products or new features - which would be very interesting to competitors.
    Hope this helps
  2. Rowbi's post in Advice For Delay Tempo And Fbv Response was marked as the answer   
    In my experience, that's the case with any delay fx unless they are time synced with a midi clock to something else you're trying to keep in time with.
    The solution would be to use delay set with ms not note length and a tempo.
    In the amplifi app, edit the preset and press the word note within the delay fx block. This changes to a ms setting.
    Then use something like this page to help work out what ms you need:
    Hope this helps
  3. Rowbi's post in Question About The 4 Presets was marked as the answer   
    yes the 4 presets can be changed to tones you download using the app, or tones you customise or create yourself.  then yes you wouldn't need the app for a gig or rehearsal if the 4 presets you need are stored in the amp.
  4. Rowbi's post in Is This The Correct Power Supply For Pocket Pod? was marked as the answer   
    the specs of that supply look ok to me.
           "I've heard on the internet that Pocket Pods can get damaged or break if they don't get the correct charger"
    That's true of the majority of all electronic/electrical devices in the world though so it's always worth checking.
  5. Rowbi's post in To Cab Or Not To Cab was marked as the answer   
    Heres my take on it all, some of which Zap and lef have already mentioned.
    The louder you play the less a cab model will affect your tone. Just FYI.
    The cab models work very well with the line 6 speaker in the dt25 cabs/combos, but let your ears tell you the answer, as they know that sounds good to you.
    Full amp models will usually sound best for lower volumes and DT low vol mode, and pre models for louder and DT full vol mode. But again, let your ears decide.
    If using l6link, I would advise combo power amp output mode, not front. But let your ears help you decide what's best for you.
  6. Rowbi's post in Calibrating Second Expression Pedal was marked as the answer   
    The external pedal doesn't need calibration. This means that only certain pedals will work, including the line 6 ex1.
    Are you having issues or is it working fine and you were just curious about calibrating?
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