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  1. I usually use an electricians screwdriver that's insulated. It's usually one of the ones with a test bulb in it so the tip is small enough to fit the trim.
  2. Ideally yes to a balanced PI tube. However most none balanced tubes are close enough to not affect the sound.
  3. All models of Spider V (30/60/120/240) have a 1/8" aux input that the manual says is for straight to the power amp connections. So yes you can connect a helix to a spider v. I would recommend a dual mono (L&R) 1/4" to single 1/8" stereo Y cable, and that should sort it out. Cheers Rowbi
  4. It'd be easy to find out what the speaker is in a spider v - take off the rear panel. I have a 120 and if I get the chance I'll find out. Guest_WEROZ - what is it about the tone that you don't like. Usually line 6 use custom speakers because they then use speaker cab models. I wouldn't be surprised if the speaker is a cross between a PA driver and a guitar speaker, with the cab models dialed down a bit so as to hear a little real speaker tone too.... So you could always replace the speaker for something else. Just some thoughts anyway.
  5. Rowbi

    Amplifi 30

    Hi, There isn't a line output or anything like that. The only way would be to mic the amplifier 30 and feed that mic to your mixer. Cheers Rowbi
  6. I don't think you can do that. I think you'd need a pod hd, maybe hd500 or pro for that to run dual signal paths and you could pan each separate amp to left or right. Then use for example the amp and cab out of left XLR and amp only from analog right.
  7. I should clarify that you would need to think about input impedance, so having the xtl in the helix loop would be best.
  8. Some pods do have digital outputs and inputs, can't remember that the XT live had. I guess it's more the pro versions and helix that would have AES in/out ports. Although don't forget that digital isn't everything. All audio you hear with your ears is analog, as is a guitar and a tube amp. Sure it's more ideal to use the least ad/da convertors as possible but analog out of your xtl to an analog input on another FX magic-box shouldn't give you any issues. I used to do it with POD HD500 and an M5! Cheers Rowbi☢ï¸
  9. I'm not sure the pod xt can output to a helix as the xt is expecting to see a PC or Mac driver at the other end of its USB connection.
  10. I wouldn't say I've moved but I own both a Firehawk fx and helix. They're very different beasts, but if you like POD HD or Firehawk tones and flexibility then the helix is so good it's on another planet. More detailed amp Sims and fx (not that Firehawk and pod HD isn't also good though), very easy to use interface and endless routing options.
  11. The TT would be seen as your USB sound card, and so any audio input or output would need to go through the TT, that's how Windows works with audio interfaces. If you can connect your TT main outputs to your monitor with an audio cable that should work. Cheers Rowbi
  12. Here's a bit of help from the manual. If using the amp out, only your guitar would be heard from the amp out and only Bluetooth audio via main outs. If you disconnect amp out, the main outs would send guitar and Bluetooth. Optical output would always send both, as would the headphone output. Check out the manual (page 7): http://line6.com/data/6/0a064389d07d547e33636c04b/application/pdf/AMPLIFi%20TT%20Manual%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20C%20).pdf Hope this helps Rowbi
  13. That's right, you will be able to use the TT as a USB sound card to record direct to your DAW. Cheers Rowbi
  14. Rowbi

    Adding new Models?

    Actually that was a typo. It should have read has been. Seen the Android Amplifi remote app that was released last week - Ideascale is still well used by users and line 6 to steer products where enough users want something.
  15. Have you checked the POD settings haven't been changed to not use the guitar input? To do this, hold the view button to see the system menu, and use the left and right buttons on the navigation pad to the right of the screen to scroll to page 3 of the menu, and ensure input 1 and 2 sources are set correctly. Input 1 I would suggest include guit + aux + variax. If this doesn't help, I suggest backing up all your customised presets and setlists using line 6 edit for hd500x. Then reinstall the latest firmware using line 6 monkey, do a global reset and exp pedal calibration (search for the procedure, as L6 has a knowledgebase article on these). See if that does the trick. If you still have issues I suggest opening a support ticket with Line 6. Hope this helps Rowbi
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