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  1. I doubt I'm the only person that has had this issue. With this covid crap, I really doubt I'll get a reaction from LIne 6 about this. I can do electronics repair but have no reference as to what I'm searching for. I know there is a board that is a power supply only. If I can find a replacement for it I'll try that. I've replaced the relays on the board but it's the same result, relays click, LCD flashes and a transformer buzzes for a second then goes quiet.
  2. It's the power supply board for sure. I already started a open ticket. I know the part number of the board I was just hoping someone else had this issue and knew of a fix. If I had schematics for the board I can fix it.
  3. So I have a used Firehawk 1500 that I believe has a messed up power supply board. When trying to power on the amp the relay engages then disengages right away. The LDC screen does flash but the amp won't fire up.
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