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  1. Thanks, That works. So I have the two mic setup working. A guy at my office was a former sports talk radio on air personality. So I'm working up some podcasts. Even though I'm mainly a guitar guy, I had good luck with the UX2 recording a piano with a two mic setup - 2 shure sm58a . I thought the line6 did a nice job. The signal was clean and sounded good. He looks at things differently though. He calls the UX2 a "mixer", but I think it is a sound device. He though the sound was "fine" compared to a USB mic. I though the UX2 had a super low noise floor, at least according to their website.
  2. That is the one I tried. For Windows 10 it is not available.
  3. Do you have a link. I used: https://line6.com/software/index.html For podfarm, I get: "At this time, there is no software available that matches your selection."
  4. There is no podfarm 1 download anymore. If I buy a POD STUDIO GX that ships with podfarm 2, will I be able to use my old UX2? Will I get my model packs back?
  5. I see. I'll try POD farm 1. By channel, I mean input. Input 1 is there. Input 2 is shaded out.
  6. I thought this would work. I had done some recording a while back with gearbox, but I guess that is gone. I downloaded the trial of podfarm. But I can only get a stereo mic on one channel. I'd like to have a stereo output to record. But the second channel is shaded out. Does that mean I need the $99 version of podfarm? Do I loose my old model packs too? Besides this project, I'd like to check out the new guitar sounds. I though this would be easy, but ti seem tricky.
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