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  1. Hi richiecat, Thank you for your feedback. It was very useful. I still have to get a cable to connect the Trio+ to the Amplifi 30 through the Aux input to test this solution. As soon as I get one, I will post my remarks. Applying different effects to the loop and the direct guitar without a effects loop send and return is a problem that seems to be an issue with the Trio+, independently from the amp or setup you are using. If you want to record different effects, my solution to resolve this problem, would be to use your DAW and sequence your song in Logic (or whatever software you have), recording your lead track independently. I think Trio+ was never thought as a replacement for a full and powerful DAW. Regarding my experience with the Trio+, it is also very recent. It works very well with my studio setup with a direct link through the mixer output. The only struggle I had was selecting the correct "groove" and tempo I have in my head, after recording the basic chords. This comes with time and experience. However, we have to have in mind that Trio+ will never be a replacement for a band. It is just a very useful and powerful tool to sketch down new ideas and test them on the fly. I have used a loop station for a very long time, and I have enjoyed every bit of it, but this is just another step further in the right direction in what my needs are as a layout tool. I love it! It just needs tweaking a bit around to get as close as possible to what your ideas are. Thank's again. Victor
  2. Hi, I recently purchased a Amplifi 30 for home practice. I would like to connect my Digitech Trio+, but I am not sure how to do it the best way. My first guess would be to connect the guitar output to the input of the amplifi, and the mixer output to the Aux input. What are your suggestions? I have a mixer at the studio, but want to keep it simple at home, using only Amplifi. Thank's for your suggestions. Victor