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  1. Installed the app on my iPad and poked around in it a bit. Pretty cool and pretty well laid out. I feel myself falling off the fence........look out below
  2. Good answers, thanks ! Question, if the AMP has a single 1/4 Guitar input how do you get stereo ? Not sure I follow. Jeff
  3. 1) So all the modeling that comes in the IOS app, is stand alone and not tied to any model packs already purchased ? 2) Is the IOS app an extra that you have to purchase ? ( Does it come day 1 with all the models, pedals etc, or do you have to make in app purchases any time you want something) 3) I assume that it would at least sound better playing acoustic models from the JTV 69 than a regular guitar amp ? (having 5 speakers and all) "other than possibly adapting the line in to accept the out of the XT, there's no other integration that i'm aware of." I think you can do that with any AMP ?
  4. Is there any inter-working between the L6 products I already have (Pod XT, Podfarm 2.5, JTV 69) and Amplifi ? I am really intrigued by this product, but if there is something boost or tie between i get from the products I already own and Amplifi, it might be pushed towards a purchase. Even if L6 said future updates, that might sway me. JR
  5. This may have been mentioned before if so, apologies.....(And before you mention iLok, nothing I have uses iLok, and I won't go there) I recently moved my DAW (Sonar X3d) to Laptop. I am pretty portable now, but I do not drag my Pod XT around with me so when I am in another part of the house or out of the house my Podfarm FX stop working. As result, more and I more do not use Pod Farm. Is there a way you could put a timer on Pod Farm such that if is has not connected to the Dongle in 12 or 24 hours it stops working ? Therefore I could keep using it and once it is back in the studio I can tag up. JR
  6. As is usually the case, right after I post looking for help, whatever was not working starts working. I honestly have no idea what I did, but I was playing with knobs, jacking in and out, and then I heard a click and the selectors stopped flashing. Who knows I may have stumbled on a hidden re-boot firmware sequence....no idea. I do not plan to re-create what happened, I do not need to know all the details and root cause. I am happy that it is now working. Just flashed 2.0 and workbench HD is talking to my 69. Whew .... Now it looks like I have to go edit the strat settings.... Thanks for replying.
  7. Silly me..... last night I thought I would plug by 69 into the laptop and check for updates.... (lately it seems whatever updates (not just L6, I mean all windows based music software) I apply seem so screw things up...you update one thing and break 2 others....) All seemed to go well until I connected the guitar to USB device and tried to connect Workbench HD. I am not sure what exactly happened, but I know monkey could see the variax USB device, but old work bench 1.75 and new work bench 2.0 could never connect to the guitar. USB device was lit green in and out. Then for some strange reason the model selector knob and alternate tuning knob started flashing red. Now they are stuck like that. Every time I plug my 1/4 guitar jack in the 69, both selectors start flashing red. The only way to play the guitar right now is to take the battery out and use it as straight mag pick up guitar. Before you ask...battery is full, 1/4 jack was plugged in, volume knob was up, and as indicated above, I logged into monkey and updated everything first. I try holding the model selector know down for 2.5 seconds to cancel the function, but nothing happens. Hopefully there is something I can do at home and do not have to ship it back.
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