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  1. I do not speak french sorry. But i kind of understood your question. I don’t think the VX port used any drivers with IOS , it is class compliance which means it’s plug and play capable. There might be a way for Line6 to do a quick firmware update via usb but they’re the only ones that could confirm this.
  2. Yes its the Apple CCK3 adapter. Buy only thr original one as i tried a knock off and lost my money. Use only the original one.
  3. So i finally upgraded my iPad to IOS 13.2.2 a nd tried recording vocals and guitar using the Sonic Port VX into AUM. It worked great! Again, the lightning cable did not work but only using the provided Line6 USB cable connected to a an apple CCK3 adapter to the ipad, this worked perfectly! i’m staying put on this version for now.
  4. Sorry guys the Lightning cable to ipad not working but the USB cable to CCK3 works great into 13.2.2 on ipad 9.7.
  5. Using the lightning cable does not work yet. using the supplied VX port to USB cable into a powered CCK3 does work. Some progress at least for now.
  6. I used the USB provided cable. Will try the other ine and report back.
  7. Guys i was able to record with my Sonic Port VX after updating to IOS 13.2.2 recorded into AUM Acoustic guitar and mic! on iphone 6s plus!
  8. Bummer was really looking forward to this working.
  9. Anyone know if this really works? Has anyone tried the new IOS update 13.2.2? so frustrating waiting; thanks in advance.
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