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  1. 24 Hello, I recently updated the firmware in my Variax 300 to 3.10, and upon opening Workbench, I noticed while attempting to edit a "Spank" Strat model, the editor only shows 2 pick-ups. I can choose bridge, middle, or neck, but I can only add 2 of them. Am I missing some kind of preference, or set-up choice in Workbench, or something else within the software? It's been a while since I worked with Workbench, but I don't recall ever having this issue before. I don't know if this particular Variax guitar had this problem before the firmware update, as I just got the Workbench USB interface the day before, and I installed the update to 3.10 before ever opening the editor. But I've searched the Workbench UI, and even re-loaded the firmware update again, which was successful, but hasn't changed the issue. HELP! My main guitar is the Stratocaster model, with various tweaks, but a 2 PU Strat..? That dog will not hunt! (as the saying goes...) StudioBill
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