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  1. My issue is not with saving custom patches to amp channels - that works just fine. My problem is when I try and save my tweaked effects settings to the Effects knob. Following the steps in the Line6 manual, I hold "Save", hit "Manual", ABCD buttons all flash as they should. When I hit "B", the "B" button remains lit, others go out, then I hit "Save". That's supposed to do it. Problem is, nothing seems to get saved to the effects knob. I turn the effects knob and the effect that plays is the original, not my modified one. If it was a problem with the onboard battery, would that not prevent me from saving amp settings too? (Which I can do fine) Example, I want the delay settings default to be 180ms / 36% feedback, 18% depth. I get that sound dialled in, and follow the save procedure. When I turn the effects knob away from delay, then back, the delay time is back at 400ms.
  2. Longtime Line6 user, but I need some help if you can. I have a Flextone II XL, and I'm trying to save my tweaked effect settings to the effects knob. I have the manual and followed the steps (Hold SAVE, hit MANUAL, tap "B" button, then hit save), but nothing I do seems to save my setting. All stay at the factory defaults. I followed this same procedure to save my preferred amp setting to the amp dial (tap "A" button for this one) and it work just fine. I can save patches with custom effect settings just fine. I just can't modify the settings on the effects stored on the effects knob. In frustration, I reset the factory amp settings to defaults hoping it would clear the issue, but it didn't. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot? Thanks, Dave
  3. Thanks for the reassurance I wasn't imagining things. Guess my strategy of auditioning effects one by one in isolation is not a good one. Will create a possible chain of effects, and fine tune them together. Cheers!
  4. Still consider myself a newby when it comes to using my HD500. Yesterday, when auditioning different effects, specifically the fuzz distortion effects, I noticed that the amount of "fuzz" seemed to be affected by another effect in the patch chain, even though it was turned OFF! The effect that was altering the sound was the Opto Tremelo. I had it placed last, before the amp block. Again, it was not turned on. When I deleted the Opto effect, the fuzz effects sounded "fuzzier". Anyone else notice this?
  5. I was wondering if the Pod HD500 allows you to save your own preferred default effect settings, so that every time you create a patch, and insert an effect, it comes in with the settings you prefer? And what about preferred amp settings?
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