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  1. I figured it out. In the past I had been using my PoDxt for recording guitar. The only difference now with UX1/Pod Farm is that you have to arm the track for recording before a signal is fed through it. Never had to do that with the Podxt except when actually recording. Always had a signal input whether the track was armed or not. At any rate, it seems to be functioning properly now. I figured it was something stupid simple I was missing and of course, that was the case lol.
  2. Is there any documentation out there for running the Pod Farm VST in Acid Pro 7? I'm using the UX1 and everything seems to work fine when running Pod farm as a standalone. In my DAW (Acid 7) however, I can't get any sound signal through. I can insert an audio track and insert the Pod Farm plugin to it, all features available and no authorization issues but I get no sound signal at all? Anyone with Acid Pro who might suggest what I am missing? I have my audio device in preferences set to ASIO UX1 I have input monitoring turned on for the track. Track input is set to (default) send 1/send 2. Any suggestions or a link to relevant documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. PS. I did find the extensive documentation PDF online which has detailed info about running the VST in a variety of DAWs, none of which being Acid...
  3. I went ahead and bought a Pod Studio UX1 and got Pod Farm 2.55 along with it. Everything works great but I cant get a signal through Pod Farm VST in Acid Pro 7. Perhaps I'm not setting it up right but I'm pretty sure I am. Assigning Pod farm to an audio track, track is set to send1/send2 default, UX1 ASIO is selected in sound device prefs, but no signal at all. It all works great with the stand alone, just cant figure out why the VST wont get a signal in my DAW. It's probably something simple Im overlooking or just am unaware I need to do.
  4. So my PoDxt is not a compatible device then? There core question here is how and where to I obtain a license for Pod Farm 1 and activate it. If I can't use my PoDxt wth it then what do I need to use? PoDxt just sounds like crap through my DAW is why I'm looking to try other options but I don't exactly have money to throw around.
  5. I was under the impression that Pod Farm 1 was now free, so I downloaded it from Line 6. It doesn't include any sort of license that I can find. Apparently I'm missing something?
  6. Line6 Pod Farm - Windows 7, 64 bit, in ACID 7 it shows up as a vst and the GUI will open but I get this message: "NO AUTHORIZED DEVICE" "A required device is either not authorized or not connected. Pod Farm's GUI will operate during this session but the plug-in will not process audio. Please connect your iLok or Line6 hardware and restart application." My PoDxt is fully updated and I have double checked through License manager that both my PoDxt and PC are authorized. How do I get it working in ACID 7?
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