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  1. When I undo the 4 cable method and go straight it works so the problem is in the fx loop apparently. Any ideas in that
  2. It will Midi switch between the clean (green) and crunch (blue) on the front of the amp using the 500x on the correct assigned foot switches. They are both clean and the knobs on the evh will not change any thing. No tone or volume controls. If I unhook the midi and change them manually they work fine
  3. With the midi unhooked the channels work normally by pressing them on the amp
  4. Four cable method with the midi out on the 500x to the midi in on the evh5153 50w
  5. I'm new to midi so bear with me. I have a pod jd500x ran with my evh 5150 iii 50watt. I have channel three working fine. Channel one and two are setup to change with fs 5 and 6 respectively. However the pod changes the channels on the amp but they are both clean and the knobs on the front don't do anything (gain,volume,eq) both switch to the correct channel but they are bot clean and at the same volume and I can adjust them on the amp. Channel 3 is fine on fs7 and everything works correctly. What could be wrong?
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