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  1. Thanks a lot, but creating a very simple patch - just an amp with cabinet - inside Helix Native, it sounds harsh, like a very old amp sim... My signal is not clipping I set it in the middle zone... Still not understanding.... There is an option in Helix native to select output source, like PA or an amp ?
  2. I'm an old fan of POD Farm Platinum and I'm waiting long time for the Helix native... I confess that I'm doing something wrong because my sound is "harsh" "fizzy" , almost looking like an amp without IR (the cabinet IR is on - I checked already). My set up is good - PRS-Apollo thunderbolt - KRK Rockit speakers... There is an option in native to select the destiny of line out - AMP or PA ? What I'm doing wrong ? I listened very good demos.... Thanks a lot !
  3. Perfect, worked just fine, thanks !! And a last question, a background audio mode, is possible ? When I try to turn on another app (like drums), it shut off the mobile app... thanks again
  4. Hi, I bought yesterday Pod mobile app and my soundcard is a RME Babyface. I dont use the "expansion cord", so I plug my guitar straight into Babyface. The problem is that the signal flows into channel 2 - not one and Pod mobile only Works on channel 1... I didn't find a set up button or anything to change the input source... Any help ?
  5. Thanks Mike, but Apogee quartet has a usb port in, so I can connect some usb devices into it... But I cant with FBV and I dont know why...
  6. I'm trying to find but no answer at all. Is possible to use my FBV shortboard MKII connected to midi input of Apogee quartet and control my Ipad programs ? Thanks a lot.
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