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  1. I need some help. I have updated to the newest version of amplifit TT. I have it connected to my power supply. I have the Bluetooth setting on. My amplifi remote app on my iPad recognizes my amplifi TT. I have my surround sound set to the Bluetooth ready and it also is recognized by my iPad as being connected. I have my guitar plugged in. I have my volume knobs all the way up on my guitar. I also have the volume knob turned up to 50% on the amplifi TT itself and I looked on my app and it has it at about 50% as well. I am getting no sound at all out of my speakers. What am I doing wrong? This is really frustrating me lol! Just to make a note. I just have my power supply hooked up and my guitar chord connected and that is it no more wires. Any help would be great!!!
  2. dmg34

    Amplifi TT

    My amplifi will not put out a guitar signal. My amplifi is connected to my surround sound and I can play music out of it. I can also tune my guitar but not guitar sounds please help!!!! I have turned up my guitar volume made sure my guitar chord is connected and the bluetooth is on. I checked in my bluetooth settings to see if both the amplifi and the surround sound were connected which they are. I am confused how this is happening. Any help would be great!
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