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  1. Silverhead, thanks. I've fixed the problem. Out of curiosity, I installed Sonic Port VX drivers on my windows pc, installed POD FARM 2 trail version as well and then fired up REAPER. I had some big problems with both POD FARM and REAPER open where the Sonic Port VX would be disabled as well as my CASIO Digital Piano. When I closed POD FARM 2 running standalone the Sonic Port VX and Casio Keyboard would come back to life within REAPER. So the next thing I tried was to add POD FARM 2 as a VST in Reaper and that was when I noticed in the POD FARM 2 mixer window a drop down to select the input device. Once I selected Sonic Port VX in the input drop down, I had no problems recording the wet signal. I just went to my Mac, fired up REAPER, added POD FARM 2 as a VST on a track and was able to select Sonic Port VX as an input and then record the wet signal. So with your help and a bit of trouble shooting, my problem is fixed. In précis, the solution for me is don't run POD FARM standalone when recording with REAPER. Instead, add it as a VST on a track and then select the input within the POD FARM mixer window. Next step, buy a POD FARM 2 license :) and make more music.
  2. Silverhead, thanks for the reply. I can't see anywhere in Pod Farm Mixer window (or any of the other windows/tabs in pod farm) to select sending either wet or dry signal. I've tried also in Reaper but it either still records the dry signal or doesn't receive any audio input at all. If it helps, I'm using Pod Farm 2.58 (Trial Version) on a Macbook Air with my Sonic Port VX selected as the Input and Output device. In Reaper, Sonic Port VX is selected as the input and output device also. Not sure what else to do the moment. If you've got anymore ideas, I'd like to hear them.
  3. Hi there all from New Zealand. I've got a sonic port vx connected to my macbook air. I use REAPER as my DAW. When I fire up POD FARM I can hear the processed sound for the patch selected. When in REAPER and recording, you can hear the processed sound. When I play back the track after recording, it is a dry signal, i.e. not what you are hearing from within POD FARM or when recording the track. Does anyone have an idea of why this may be happening. I am using the trail version of POD FARM and don't want to spend the money buying a license if I won't be able to record processed signals within REAPER. I have had no problems with my POD HD500 or previously with my UX2. So I'm assuming the sonic port vx should be used the same way and I can't work out why it isn't recording the processed signal from POD FARM. Hopefully this makes sense and thanks in advance for anyone who may have a solution.
  4. Had this problem today. Thanks MetalChef, Update from File worked.
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