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  1. The Legend is indeed the closest to the Original Tube Tones you can get new. Remember... Being that you are powering them with an emulator, you are going to be best served by a flat response speaker. That being said, if you stray from this setup, with these amps you are pretty much in full Frankenstein territory. It's tasters choice at that point. If you were to go down the custom road. Then my suggestion would be to get away from traditional guitar speakers altogether and get a good pair of true stereo speakers. Polk Audio maybe. Good luck
  2. Greetings and such. I too would very much love to have the list of preset names. If at all possible. Ironically... I had the original promo foldout laminate booklet and sound chart, that I took home from the music store and held onto for many years. I always said, one way or another, "I Will" have that amp some day. Well, it may be 22 years later, but I finally got it. Damned if I know what ever happened to that booklet though. Lmao! :) To be clear. I have the original, AxSys 212 not the AX2. Of the links above: One is not applicable. Two do not work. And one of those would be for the Ax2. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time, Sincerely... I Freekin' Love this amp! Mwhaa Ha ha ha ha ha!
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