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  1. I appreciate the feedback. So, basically I shouldn't expect it to be much different, except possibly because of the extra tension. Sadly, I feel like I knew all of that already haha. Here is some audio to show what I'm dealing with. It's not the worst, but definitely not what I would call a professional tone. Played something slow low and simple to hear the notes. https://soundcloud.com/michaeljperrotta/finger-picking-standard-and-baritone-jtv69/s-aXiwj If anyone with a Shuriken wants to play and record something similar on the J model, in standard and baritone that would be great!
  2. Hey, I recently picked up a used JTV-69 for an amazing price. While it definitely does some things well, I was disappointed with the degraded sound of the baritone acoustic settings. I've owned three real baritone acoustic guitars, and haven't been happy with any of them so far. I was hoping this could be a great solution, but the quality of the pitched down notes just isn't there. Is the Shuriken definitively better sounding then the JTV on a pure acoustic model in the baritone tuning setting? Can anyone post examples? I was using the stock Acoustic J model doing some light finger picking in first position on strings six to two. Will post audio examples if anyone is curious.
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