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  1. Hi. They are mighty fine! :D The sound definitely changes. I like it better because the bass got much tighter, the mids-lows more pronounced and the shrill highs are gone. That can be a good thing or not, it depends on your preference. Work very well with my EMG's, it sounds more focused and heavy (crooshing palm mutes :P ). Main potential downside: a lot less high end. It works for me as it tamed the shrillness that IMO it used to have, specially with the Vintage 30 speaker, but they may sound too dark for other people with a different style, guitar, pickups, etc.
  2. Another human! :lol: I'm not alone! ;) Well.. they better fit 'cause I already ordered them! :D Thanks for the answer ^_^
  3. First of all... It's been ages! Feels like I went away a thousand years. I can't believe there was a time when I was one of the most regular regulars around here :o My question: well, the topic title says it all. It's the time to change the factory tubes of my Spider Valve 112 and I want to know if it's safe to replace the original Sovtek 5881 power tubes with Sovtek 6L6WXT+. I don't mind if the tone changes a little as long is not for the worse. Thanks for your attention.
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