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  1. Thanks. Well I don't want to cycle through the presets, I rather prefer to have 9 different presets accessible directly just by pressing one time ;-)
  2. Hello, I wonder if using the Morningstar MC6 allow me to access to 6 more different presets adding to the already existing hx stomp 3 presets ? For a total of 9 presets tHANKS
  3. Thanks Kilrahi. i didn't buy it yet. As I use my HX stomp only with presets, I would like to add two more presets with this footswitch. Do you think it is ok?
  4. Hello, Who could confirm this VOX VFS2A footswitch should work connected to the FS 4/5 input. Thanks a lot ;-)
  5. Just one word : THANKS! As I only worked with HX Edit I couldn't switch to preset mode. Now it is done ;-)
  6. Hello everybody, I am surely missing something but I cannot manage to assign a preset to a button. I would like to have 3 presets that I call as simply as pressing on one of the 3 buttons. Is it really possible or am i forced to buy a midi foot controller? Thanks for your help
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