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  1. I’m sorry,,, all I need to know is for a long period of time,,, with the battery removed from the guitar,,, will the setting I made thru workbench still remain in the guitar? Thank you!
  2. My question is,,,, if I leave the battery out of the guitar,,, (perhaps when taking it in for a setup etc),,, will I lose my stored settings in the guitar? I do have the settings backed up on a hard drive,,, but problem is,,, My settings that I stored from workbench doesn’t seem to work on the latest version of windows,,, so all my favorite setting are in the guitar. I want to get it in for a setup but I want to hang on to the battery to insure from accidental settings loss. Thanks!
  3. I just downloaded the Line 6 Updater to my pc ( I have the latest windows software),, once I log in,, it says "select device" but its not recognizing my Helix Lt (connected via USB)
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