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  1. I will try this tonight ! Thank you so much for the advice. I did try and work on this last night and I just can't get it to sound right. Do my send mix need to be at 100% or my output need to be maxed out on the helix as well? I get a HISS sound and the gate will not control it. HA , I have had the Helix for 3 weeks and have not been able to really use it yet. I can't use it in band practice and no where ready to gig with the thing. I am getting disappointed .
  2. oh man this is interesting. I had a hard time getting the helix to accept midi commands but finally figured it out. Maybe this has something to do with it . I will try hopefully tonight. The only question is I do like my boost function on my amp plus my high gain channel on for my rhythms, again just a killer attack and bite to it . This would require 2 buttons on the gizmo on at a one time. Would I be able to do this I wonder ?
  3. No the Randall RD 100 can not do Midi . The Mini Amp gizmo is required to change channels through Midi . There is a special cable needed to go from the Amp Gizmo to the head then a Midi cable runs from the amp gizmo to the Midi in the helix.
  4. sorry I was not clear . Yes the Helix can switch up to 2 channels. My Head has 3 channels plus a Boost . That is why I use the mini amp gizmo . Through Midi I can switch any function on my head and assign any channel to one of the foot switches on the Helix. Pretty cool !
  5. I am trying a simple patch like this. I guess I need to mess with my send and return levels. If it is up too high I am getting feedback that my gate will not control. I will try again tonight and see if I am at band level if I can get the amount of gain or at least similar to just plugging into the amp direct from the guitar.
  6. Hey everyone , First off this is my first forum post so if it is wrong or incomplete please be understanding . My Gear - Randall RD 100 Head with Randall 2 x 12 V 30 Cabinet , Helix, I use a mini amp gizmo for Midi channel switching on my amp head from clean , crunch, and high gain channels. I am using the 4 cable method to utilize my amps High gain channel for my rhythms and lead channel. My guitars are ESP/ltd WITH EMG 81/85 Combo . My vision is to utilize amp modeling for some of the clean tones, plus some heavy tones for different songs but also rely on my amps distortion for all my heavy rhythms so from what I have researched the 4 cable method is best . I also could not use the amp switching on the helix because of only one input on the helix and this would only allow me 2 channels of switching so I have went to the mini amp gizmo which is switching my channels on my amp via midi . Everything is working great except when using my amps high gain channel it has a huge loss in gain and over all aggressive tone. I can apply a distortion through the helix and get a ok sound, but the whole point was to be able to use the distortion of the amp as I love the sound. What could possibly be sucking all my sound out ? I am unclear how the sends and returns should be set level wise or if the send and return box on the helix can be next to each other or do they need to be on either end of the chain? I would like to add eq and also maybe a overdrive to just get a little more bite out of the rhythm bank. I am gigging musician and play out about twice a month , writing original material in the vein of sevendust or a more doom style of metal . I record professionally and need all this stuff to work together and I am banging my head against the wall wondering where all my gain and tone has gone. any suggestions?
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