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    Suggestions on next step

    Thanks cruisinon2, I've not heard of the Alto's. Do you know if the Alto can have a mic and the firehawk/Helix running simultaneously?
  2. I'm looking for suggestions on what others have done. I have had line 6 products since the Spider 3. I'm a bedroom player and now being asked to play live. My current gear is the Spider V 60. I'm looking to get a Variax Standard in the next month or so (takes that long to get one in Canada right now). What I'm trying to decide is to either go the Firehawk into the Spider V but from what I understand that doesn't give me any benefits. I want the variax control of the firehawk as the Spider V doesn't have any variax inputs. I'm on a budget so I don't want to get the Helix due to the price point. So should I just do the Variax to firehawk into the spider v or should I trade the spider v and get a cheap PA speaker or even the line 6 PA stagesource or whatever it is called? Has anyone done the firehawk to the stagesource?