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  1. I'm using a Marshall CODE 25, and a Roland Micro Cube. I love how great the modulation effects are in stereo, and I just like the sound of guitar that way. I have both connected from their AUX input jacks, into each of the MAINS output jacks. Similar to having it setup to studio monitors I suppose. I figured out how to disable all cabs globally, but it only applies to the GUITAR IN jack. I can't make it apply to the MAINS outputs. I know I can disable the cabinets manually on each preset, but i'll need to use them when using headphones or recording. I tried using a Y splitter to connect both amps to the guitar jack, but then I lose the stereo effect. I know you can assign one of the footswitches to toggle the cabinet on/off. If that can be done globally for all the presets, perhaps thats the best workaround? Also, my main out setting is on level. Would I be better off setting it to instrument, and connecting the pod to the guitar input jacks on my amps instead of the aux inputs? Thank you for the help!
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