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  1. Sonicport VX does not work with iPad Pro (Usb-C) , if connect thru Usb hub (with sonicport vx Usb-A cable), user need to pay another $20USD to unlock the app ??? We paid for the hardware and now need to pay for the app as well ?? Please advise
  2. Another disappointment from line6 , please allow your customer to download both 1.7 and 2.0, treat your customers like what you used to be ! Mobile pod 2.0 sounds like a toy , unless you are deaf , this is getting worse and worse , let alone the cheesy GUI !
  3. You never mention what version of your iOS version ,iOS device and latency setting ? Is That A Secret ? Or something you don't want to share and disclose to your CUSTOMERS ???
  4. Hello ??? Anyone from line6 can explain how to record in 48k ?????
  5. Yes , Auria v1.155 , ios 8.1.2, no audio bus , I started a new project and choose 48k , either mono or stereo track, load " mobile pod" in the fx track, then I got those weird noises every time I hit the guitar strings, what's your latency setting ?
  6. 44.1k is fine in auria with sonicport but NOT 48k, that's why I'm asking if line6 has a proof to show , or fix your driver.
  7. Please advise how to setup a 48k recording in Auria , and which version of ios you have ? all I get in Auria is static noise when recording in 48k.
  8. I guess it's charging but extremely slow, I couldn't see the percentage if "not charging" shows up, can you confirm if vx can do 48k recording in Auria ??
  9. I'm running Auria , have you tried that ? I tried charging my iPad air thru sonicport vx ,battery is 72% and still showing not charging........
  10. i just can't believe that, just got my brand new sonicport vx and the latency is DEFINATELY higher than the first gen sonicport,its been working good with my first gen sonicport until last week i bought a new sonicport vx since i need a mic for recording as well,...............then i plug it in today and found it totally UNACCEPTABLE due to the high latency even i set it down to 2ms !!! also when i plug my charging cable and my ipad air shows NOT CHARGING !! running ipad air 8.1.2 , is there a new version of mobile pod coming or firmware for sonicport vx ????? Line6 are you guys selling such a product without even TESTING it first ???????? i've been using your products since the pod !
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