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  1. My Android remote software updated last night and now ALL of my tones are gone. Not just the ones I downloaded, but ALL of My Tones is empty! I have just the 4 on the amp now!!! I had custom tones I hadn't uploaded and now they are gone as well!! AM very unhappy!!
  2. I want to start recording a bit, but am total noob at all of it. Ive played guitar for a long time, but Ive never paid any attention to this side of things. SO I hope someone can answer a couple questions for me. First off, is there any software for recording that doesnt cost a fortune? Any free stuff? If so, will any of it work with my amp or do I have to use one of those listed? Is there any latency when recording? Can I listen through the amp and still get what I am recording in the software? I mean like effects and such or do I need to add those after Ive recorded? Thats its. I dont wanna bug people with inane stuff...
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