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  1. Anyone out there tried the pedal from Antares to see if it exceeds the quality or versatility of the JTV programmed with similar selections?
  2. So I have the new Antares floor pedal for tunings, pickups etc (Does what a Peavey AT200 guitar does) for any guitar without a 13 pin MIDI, aL2t stages source , a DT 50 ,POD 500X w/2.6 update, and a TC VoiceLive3Extreme, and for wireless G75 with 2 receivers for my JTV 59 and 69 I have a V75 mic and AKG 4500 IEM system. I'm gonna use a BeatBuddy for drums thru the L2T I guess. I get that I'll have to use some cables and maybe even a VDI for one of the guitars instead of wireless but really can anyone tell me if they have similar to this stuff. what should go into what and what goes to FOH PA I don't want to fry anything and I want to color code it all for quick set up and get my sound consistent. I know if there is a good house PA I may get by without the amp and L2T but if there are no monitors or PA is not good I need to be prepared and ready to do this set up in less than 10 minutes. Appreciate any help. Diagrams of the connections would be invaluable. Thanks Line 6 community
  3. Is this possible to do using the MKII shortboard?
  4. Just got a new? JTV 69S from Sweetwater. First thing out of the box a cheaper one pocket black gig bag not grey like my 59 with 2 pockets for gear. Plug in after charging battery and have to crank my DT50 on 5 just to get the tunings or 12 string models to engage without hearing the guitar strings non-amplified sound. This never happened on my 500 or 2012 '59. I could turn the amp to just above minimum volume to not hear the strings clash with the 12 string models or the alt tunings. Is there a fix in workbench for this or do I have a defective 69S? Guitar plays well all other models work OK. But it's not right that I need to crank it to to hear it and then hear it distorted. Sweetwater offered to exchange but I already sent in the UPC and rebate form for this serial number and the it was past the DEC31 deadline for ordering and I don't want to lose my rebate.
  5. several owners have complained that they damaged their 69's when doing string changes. There is no block in the cavity to prevent the bridge assembly from moving due to the release of spring tension and the piezos get damaged. Line6 does not have a PDF or a video tutorial on how to safely perform this action. Anybody have advice.
  6. Why hasn t Line 6 enabled the FBV Mark II to access the song and artists presets without having to load then into available open channels? And why in the world did they shrink the size of the LED window from the size of the Mark I It's hard to read!! And the cheap footswitches? The mark one has the good ones like on the 500x
  7. Can you access the song and artist presets on the Spider Jam using the Mark II board? What about the Mark I?
  8. so this flex is about 8 inches total length? Why did you install Ghost piezos and not use LIne6 replacements?
  9. when you have the the flex plugged into the PCB you cant see where the flex attaches to the bridge on my 500. The 2 glued blocks are right at the opening that leads to the bridge. Only 2 or 3 inches of the flex is visible.
  10. boloulu


    So the 1st FBV used quality stomp box style switches and had a larger LCD window to read. MKii comes out with the wimpy switches like on the POD 500. The 500X uses switches similar to TC Helicon VL3 which can take a lot more abuse and are backlit. Why didn't they start out with the standard heavy duty switches in the beginning and is the FBV MKii going to get the backlit switches like the POD 500 HDx?
  11. So you removed the bridge to do the repair Charlie. What are the two blocks that are by the cavity where the ribbon is attached. They appear glued to the cavity? Did you remove them to attach the ribbon and then re-glue them? The tech at fullcompass said it's the correct ribbon so I am retuning the one for the 700. Couldn't by the PCB do you know where I can find one? The black clip that that connects the ribbon to the PCB is broke off. Don't know if the part will secure. Ideas?
  12. ask your local Line6 service center to order the PCB for you and be careful installing it. watch that you don't damage the bridge ribbon cable it's fragile.
  13. thanks guru for the full compass site. picture is bad since the ribbon doesn't appear to be copper but the part # is right on.
  14. for 1 year and 26 days my 500 was at an authorized repair center. service guy got a new board from Line6 but it did not work when installed. so I got the guitar back and opened it probed and found the problem. PN# 21-32-0001 REV D. Its the copper strap that goes to the piezos and plugs into the board. the strap was broken right at the connector. Now I need to buy this part from service center if they will sell it to me. the part is also glued to the cavity to minimize movement of this strap and not pull on the piezo. my ax is 11 years old but I want to fix it and use it not quit and rout it out for pickups. all of you players having dead strings no sound or weak sound check this strap before you replace piezos and inform your repair guy so you don't end up like me. and no he wont fix it and is already out $200 because he tried and failed and the 3 week promised turn around took a year and Line6 is really slow in responding to their service centers.
  15. Can you still hear the DT 50/25 if the XLR line out is sent to the PA? On the Spider IV the line out cancels the speaker in the amp so a floor monitor is needed to hear oneself. Line out is a great feature to prevent mic bleed from other amplified inst and vocals.
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