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  1. I had purchased a TonePort DI-Gold for $300+ many, many, many years ago, but I sold it once I bought an AXE FX II since the AXE FX was more like the BIG brother to these devices as well the next step in the evolution of amp modeling. However, I purchased the TonePort DI-Silver a few years later from the Guitar Center that was on clearance for $120 since I figured I could use a second device for recording the jam tracks between me and a second guitarist. I was also feeling nostalgic since this was the device I had used to record MANY guitar tracks when the modeling was starting to get popular. Well, I was about to give it away but then I decided to check to see if it still works correctly since I had last used it when I had Vista. I was able to get it to work very well in Windows 7 AND Windows 10 and it brought back those memories so I thought about keeping it since it does sound really good to me and I am a person who also owns an AXE FX II XL+ with the current firmware. Question: Has anyone ever used some kind of foot controller to switch effects on and off or move between presets? This was why I found the AXE FX to be the Go-To recording device and I stopped using it. I realize I could search this forum for possible answers but this would probably be a very old topic so thank you for any help/suggestions :-)
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