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  1. This is GREAT to hear. Your customers will be VERY HAPPY. A full Editor for Helix (on Mac and Windows) is ideal in the studio. Yes, the interface on Helix is great, but here is my workflow: I create, edit and rehearse in the studio. I use Logic and Live as my DAWs and I have a standup desk so I can play guitar while recording, composing, mixing, tweaking, etc. on the DAWs while standing with my guitar. In my studio, I move back and forth between composing/editing and rehearsing. For example, I will be working on a verse to a pre-chorus to a chorus section. And I will set up a Helix bank to switch the guitar sounds for each section (verse, pre-chorus, chorus). And then tweak each of the Helix presets, then rehearse the transitions as if I were performing live to see how they sound. But with Helix on the floor, I am constantly bending down, then standing up, then bending down, standing up, over and over as I compose and rehearse each section and transition. Avoiding this is why I got a standup desk - so as a guitar player I don't have to bend down or sit down to tweak the DAW. It works great, except for Helix - because Helix has to be on a table (to edit) or on the floor (to rehearse). A PC/Mac editor solves this problem. If the Helix Editor were a true editor on the PC/Mac (able to fully edit just like on the Helix itself), I wouldn't have to bend down and I wouldn't have to place the Helix up high on a table to edit. If the Helix is on a table, it disrupts the creative flow because it make it hard to rehearse how the song would feel live because I can't use my feet on Helix to switch presets.
  2. Hello L6 Community. I am a StageSource L2t and POD HD500X user. This is an incredible rig. It sounds unbelievable and enables me to reduce my gear (no more hauling both a Fender Deluxe Reverb and PA speakers to a gig). So I have a request of Line6 and thought I would put it out to the community. I would love an L2s - a smaller version of the L3s subwoofer. It would be great to have a less than 50lb (and ideally less than 30lb) subwoofer to compliment the L2t and L2m. The L3s is overkill for smaller venues and for rehearsals. We are now using Roland TD-30 V-Drums, so we can get overall lower stage and rehearsal volumes because we don't have to get over acoustic drums (the TD-30 sounds amazing). So a lightweight, less powerful subwoofer would be a great addition to the StageSource product line. In addition, a L1t and L1s would be great as well - an even smaller, feather weight rig that could be built up with multiple L1t's and L1s's would work very nicely as each component could be very, very lightweight. Maybe its just me, but as I get older carrying heavy gear has become a real drag. And carrying an L3s - even with wheels - is just not going to happen for me. I tried to add a poll on how useful an L2s subwoofer would be to Line6 users (not sure if it worked). Maybe this will help Line6 determine if it would be worthwhile to make the L2s. Keep up the great work Line6!
  3. I case Line6 is listening, here is the really nice message I get when I try to authorize my Studio GX, which was already authorized, but now is not. "Code 800000002 Invalid Parameter." Nice and very user friendly.
  4. I am having a ton of crashes with this set up and OS X 10.8.4 (the latest). Anyone else having problems? POD Farm seem incredibly buggy. And the License Manager is a total pain. Line6, if you are listening, you really, really have to do a better job at Software UX and UI and your buying, installation, maintenance, and upgrade processes. Simple is harder, but way better. Remember your customer - they want to get back to playing and recording music as fast as possible. I have now spent hours fixing, installing, authorizing, restarting, and re-authrozing your software. Now it says my GX is not authorized and I can't find the Classics and Bass model packs I just bought. Insanely frustrating.
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