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  1. I owned an HX Effects unit for a month constantly A B ing between real and models. More importantly I tried to just enjoy playing through it. There will be enough people here telling you how great the models are so it’s only fair that you hear another opinion. Basically I found most of them unusable. I could sometimes get close but the harmonic texture was lacking. Plus if you changed one setting like gain you had to reset everything else. I spent most time on basic distortion models, Fuzz Face (especially bad), DS1 etc. Interaction with guitar volume was also terrible. I also tried the mods but again they just didn’t have that last bit of sparkle. I don’t know if it’s the bit/sampling rated or what but I have a Boss MD500 and the flangers, phasers, Univibe and chorus effects on that are superb and have actually replaced my analog pedals. My experience has put me off the current generation of Line 6 modelling completely. Shame because the user interfaces are fantastic. Basically you cannot them to sound “the same” or more importantly as good, according to my ears. I would also say that variances between tolerances on real pedals are not as great as people make out and rarely prevent you enjoying them. Maybe I have been lucky but sometimes I have owned two or even three of the same pedals and would not be able to pick them apart in a blind test unless for example a different type of Germanium transistor was used as in the Fulltone 69. I would definitely be able to pick out a real pedal from one of these models. Anyway that wasn’t the question being asked. Your use case may not require such accuracy but I’m telling it as it is. I have quite a collection of original pedals so know what I like.
  2. Thanks for your replies all. Interesting about the TS cable. I use TRS for my Boss 500 pedals and Eventide pitch factor without issues. Still doesn't explain why the factory presets work OK though. OK I have no idea how this unit sets itself up for expression pedals but the mere action of using a TS cable (which didn't work at all) and putting TRS cable back made it work. This is after days of checking every setting!
  3. Hi I am using my HXE with a Boss EV30. On the factory presets the Wah works great. Wah comes on automatically, I get the correct sweep and it switches off automatically when I sweep back. When I add a wah to a new preset a strange thing happens. - it switches on automatically - it starts to sweep OK but reaches 100% sweep at 50% of pedal travel -- thereafter it starts to sweep backwards so goes back to 0% sweep when the pedal is at 100% - at that point it switches off! So in summary as I sweep it wahs up and down and switches off again when fully depressed. Can anyone tell me what on earth I could be doing wrong? If you have experienced this exact thing I would particularly like to hear from you. Many thanks
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