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  1. Ok I’ve checked a few things - 1 - it is wired as per instructions. HX send to amp front input. HX return to amp loop send. HX output to amp loop return. 2 - on the loop 1 control the mix is at 100%. Changing this didn’t seem to have any effect. FX order is wah, OD, vibe, phaser, loop 1, reverb, delay. All have buttons except the wah which goes to the exp 1 and the loop itself which is set to None. I want the loop always on and then I will switch the reverb and delay on and off. Can’t seem to get pics to post from my phone. Will try from the pc in a bit.
  2. Thanks for the ideas - I’ll take a look tonight and let you guys know.
  3. Just got the HX Effects and I’m hooking it up to my Orange Jim Root Terror w/ 4 cable method. I’ve verified multiple times the cables are hooked up correctly. I’ve used both FX Send/Return blocks as well as FX Loop blocks. The issue - output to the amp seems to be largely bypassing the preamp and going direct to the power amp at full blast. Adjusting the master on the amp leads to more grit in the signal but no real volume increase as it’s already at full wick. There is some activity from the amps preamp but nothing near what it should be. It really seems like the unit is going full blast into the power amp section. When I go back to 2 cable method and remove the send/loop blocks or use a different preset it works fine. However, I would like to get my time based Effects and reverb into the loop.
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