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  1. Silenoz

    Broken preset joystick

    Yeah I have been using HX edit to change setlists, but dont want to have to have my Mac with me all the time. I have contacted Line 6 and they are working on a solution. Hopefully they figure out something good.
  2. Silenoz

    Broken preset joystick

    Hi, So after receiving my third (!) Helix LT unit after the previous two had broken expansion pedals, the preset joystick is now broken. As I understand you should be able to push it down like the action joystick.. I was able to use the preset joystick about two times to change setlists, before it just was stuck to the unit itself and I am no longer able to press it down. I am able to turn it to change presets on the same setlist. My question is, is there another way of changing setlists on the unit without using the preset button (or on a computer)? I do not live in a city with any dealers which sells Line 6 products and neither are there any Line 6 service shops nearby, so I have to send it. The first time I sent a broken unit it took two months before I got a new one and the second time it took one month. So I really dont want to send it in again.