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  1. Check to all of that, but the problem remains. Additional data: the virtual capo also isn't working. When I press the model knob to do it (more than 2.5 seconds as in the manual) nothing happens. I'm starting to assume that the guitar is faulty. Apart from that it works fine.
  2. Hi! My JT59 is not connecting. On the Workbench HD it says "not connected", on the interface it's green on the computer side but it's blinking red on the guitar side. I just updated the Mac OS to Catalina, but I had the same problem with my old Mac Book. What could the problem be? Thanks in advance. Jorge
  3. I´m having some issues with the Variax, with some tunings not working or simply "wrong". I assume this is a software problem, so I'm trying to solve it with the Workbench (or simply restoring the factory settings) but I can't connect the guitar to the computer. The USB interface is green on the computer side but flashing red on the guitar side. Yes, I have a jack cable connected to the output of the guitar and the battery is charged. What can I do? Thanks in advance.
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